Balloon Art

Squeaky and cute, and light as air,

Animals, hats, and bracelets to wear.

They last for days when treated with care!

The detail of the designs can be altered to best meet your needs, whether you are looking for balloon art for a small group at a birthday party, or for a large crowd at a public event. Also great as roaming entertainment at a restaurant.

 If needed, several artists may be booked.


Our base rate is $100 per hour.


Contact us for availability and a quote.

Fast Balloons

Expecting a very large crowd? Our fast balloons are great for ensuring as many guests as possible may have a balloon twisted just for them. Each 2 minutes or less, they don't keep the people waiting in line for long! We can create 30+ of these designs per hour. Please note, not all are pictured. From dinosaurs to llamas, we have many single-balloon designs.

Deluxe Balloons

When speed is not the #1 priority, fancier, multi-colored balloons are in order!

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