Are the paints you use safe for sensitive skin? 

The face paints used by Joyful Canvas are hypo-allergenic makeup, made for use on the skin, with FDA compliant ingredients. Especially at a young age, some few people may have very sensitive skin which any makeup product can trigger to react with redness, swelling, or itching. When in doubt, an arm painting can substitute face painting, or a patch test on the inner wrist can be done at least 15 minutes prior to face painting, to see if there is any sign of skin reaction for the person with sensitive skin.


How washable are your paints? 

Very washable, just like any other makeup that is not water-proof. Baby wipes or makeup wipes can be used to remove, but better yet is to lather the design with water and a gentle soap or a makeup remover lotion, and then wipe away with a warm wet washcloth.


How long does a face painting design last? 

This varies. The paints used are water-activated. They can smudge if dampened. Typically the paint can be worn all day, but if it is very hot and sweaty day, or there are water activities, the design is in jeopardy! It will smudge and/or run in those cases.

It is only advised to be worn one day, but I have seen it last 3 days for someone with a dry skin type who took care not to get the design wet. 

Some colors may leave trace stains on the skin for up to one or two days following. Colors that are more prone to doing so are red and green. If your picture day is tomorrow, do not get a big red or green painting! ;-)


How far in advance do I need to reserve my booking?

There is no requirement for how far in advance you should reserve your booking. However, the sooner the better! We have had bookings reserved anywhere from 24 hours to 18 months in advance. About 6 weeks in advance is most common. Especially in peak Spring and Summer seasons, dates are booked up quickly. Reservations should be made as soon as you decide you would like to have Joyful Canvas at your event. The longer you wait to book, the more chance that date may no longer be available. The early bird gets the worm, they say!


How do you accept payment?

Non-refundable reservation fees are accepted through Paypal and credit cards (processed through PayPal), or by mailed check or money order.

Remaining balances for private parties can either be paid in advance through Paypal, or by cash at the time of the booking.


I found an artist who charges less than you. Can you match that price for me?

Joyful Canvas does not price match. Many factors play into pricing, including an artist's professionalism, experience, speed, talent, dependability, and the quality and safety of the products used. 

There may be cheaper options out there, but cutting the cost of entertainment most often means compromising its quality. If you need to cut back on an expense, we suggest that it's much better to cut back on decor rather than entertainment. After all, interactive experiences are what make your event the most memorable! 


Will you donate your services or provide a discount for our charity event?

Each year, Joyful Canvas receives many requests for donated and discounted services for fundraisers and charity events. While we support several charitable organizations and community projects, we simply do not have the resources to donate or discount services for all charities who request it.

If you are seeking professional entertainment for your charity event but don't have it in your budget, please consider these options to help with professional entertainment costs:

  • Seek entertainment Sponsorship. A local business may be delighted to sponsor entertainment for your event, especially when there is an offering for honorable mention or an advertising spot in your event brochure or flyer. It's a great opportunity for them to show their support and be promoted through their contribution that provides happy memories in the community.
  • Have one or two clearly marked donation boxes in the entertainment space to recoop entertainment costs. Guests are often very glad to make a donation for their great face painting experience. 
  • If you see professional face painting as a fundamental component to a successful event, planning this into the budget well in advance will make it easy to account for the expense. 

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